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Utility Bill Payment

All households consumes services like electricity, Landline ,Mobiles, Cooking Gas, Water etc. which result in a minimum of 2-5 bills to get paid for each household on a monthly basis. Pay Point's proprietary web platform enables easy payments for various service providers through one single website.S-sewa's online bill payment service is here to produce life easier. Get rid of the electricity electricity, telephone,mobiles, gas, water bills payment stress without standing in long queues, avail electricity, telephone,mobiles, gas, water bills online payment services of S-sewa .

Paying electric bills online is among the most helpful option, you'll be able to pay your bill anywhere, anytime without crossing the deadline.

Forms of utility bill payment

  • Utility Bill
  • Postpaid Mobile Bill
  • Landline Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Cooking Gas Bill

On the website Following your quick registration process it is extremely easy to start using the check payment service through S-sewa. It can save you a lot of valuable time if you are paying your electric bills online with S-sewa. You may be socializing with friends, sitting in a workplace meeting, or just relaxing your own house. Just visit our site , fill your basic information, and pay your bills. You receive a possibility to avoid wasting your transaction details. What this means is you don't need to to re-enter information each time you make payment for your electricity electricity, telephone,mobiles, gas, water bills.

The huge benefits of utility bill payment with your site

  • Easy accessibility - faster use of make all payments from a single login.
  • Transaction & commission information available on the web & real-time.
  • Complete control - you are able to decide when to pay & simply how much to pay.
  • Simple to use - a fairly easy gui and site map, simply a fewclicks for many payments.
  • Secure platform for all operations in a secure environment.
  • Competitive margins on all payments.