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Passport Enrolment

Passport is a form of identification but is mainly made in order to go abroad. This is the identification that needs to be approved by the embassy of the other countries in order for you to travel and live there or just have a small visit.

Passport is made by the government and the procedure itself can be very long. The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that you need to fill the form. The form filling can be done in the house itself. Afterwards, the payment for the services needs to be made. Once that is done, an appointment will be made for you and you will have to visit the center that you have chosen to get to give all the required documents and your fingerprints taken and the photo for the passport clicked.

There is a police verification, in which a policeman would come to your house and ask for two people's signature and a few documents. Then, the passport will arrive in a few weeks.

Making a passport is a quite easy task and it is also very important for you to have that particular identification to fulfill your dream of going abroad.